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STRONG BODY. STRONG MIND. STRONG HUMAN. My morning routine has become my saving grace.  Specifically paying attention to what my inner voice says to me the moment I wake up.  It use to say some pretty cruel things, and then of course my day would not go so well.  Some mornings it still tries to rear its ugly head so soon after I wake up, I silence it with a voice of my own creation.  On Some days I take a shortcut.Here is a 5 minute clip from a video I...

5 Easy Ways to Burn More Fat By: TNT Pro Series | jul 11, 2017 Being lean is heavily associated with a healthy, fit and visually appealing body. For the most part, dropping some body fat will lead to a fitter, healthier and better-looking body. It is for this reason that a large number gym-goers are focused heavily on fat burning and achieving a leaner physique. Unfortunately, dropping fat can be a tough task; it requires you to acquire a certain amount of knowledge, dedicate yourself to the goal and...