Where Will You Be 10 Years From Now?

Where Will You Be 10 Years From Now?

I printed this question on this piece of paper around 6 years ago. For a while it laid on my desk at work when I sold nuts and bolts to factories. Later this same piece of paper moved into the apartment we rented from Jenny's parents. Now it's found its place in my bathroom on the fridge. Yes, you read that right. On my fridge. In my bathroom.

Over the years I've read it, sometimes with eyes of inspiration and determination. Other times, through literal tears of despair and hopelessness.

Funny how the same question can invoke such different responses. So is it the question, or is it the answer that is more important? Is it what you did yesterday, or what you plan on doing tomorrow that matters? If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? What do clouds really taste like?

....got a little off track there, sorry. But the point I'm trying to make... is that i ask myself this question everyday. And each day, there seems to be a different answer based on what good I've done the day before. The beauty of the time line used, I think... Is that it gives me enough time to mess up ALOT and even still, there is enough runaway left in front of me to correct my course before it ends.

I listened to an interview with Barry Diller recently. He's a media mogul who is behind more businesses and brands than I can count in roman numerals.

He kept on saying one phrase over and over and over again. Course Correcting. I make a mistake. I fail. And then I course correct and keep on going. He kept on saying it, at least 5 different times. I found that interesting. So with that, I will leave you on this freaking awesome morning with two questions to ponder...

1) where will you be 1 year/3 years/10 years from now if you keep on doing what you're doing now?

2) Do you have a refrigerator in your bathroom and if you don't, like why not?

Tim N. Tierney

Founder, TNT Pro Series


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