Bring Your "Axe" to Work Day

I changed up my nightly routine this weekend. It was a small change but oh boy did it produce the result I was hoping for!

I've been following a morning routine for a while now. Someone reminded me recently that my mornings start the night before. So now I have a nightly routine too.

Friday night, I requested that my subconscious mind shower me with new IDEAS throughout the weekend. I believe in ACTIONS more so than ideas. But still, I had a "Duh" moment recently when I realized I still need a steady flow of good ideas... to take action on. 

Or do I. 


I think it's fascinating how we can give our mind a request or task to work on while our conscious mind does other things. I think it's super fascinating when it responds.

Before I went to bed this night, I didn't ask. I requested. No, I commanded my mind to give me a steady flow of new ideas throughout the next day.

Before this change, I would go to bed politely asking my subconscious mind to work on a specific problem or question while I slept.

Great way to fall asleep I think, but still, I was asking. Not requesting. Definitely not commanding.

"Well screw that!", I thought. It's my mind, it belongs to me so why am I asking it nicely and hoping it will listen when I should be telling it what to do!?

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." -Abraham Lincoln

I love this quote. Every time I come across it, I think to myself I should keep this quote. I should write it down so I can read it again.

So I did write it down this time and I didn't do any work this weekend. Instead I spent my days hanging with the family, and playing with the *kids.

*TRANSLATION = Breaking up fights between Kaela and Danny. In hindsight, getting them boxing gloves while they were still in diapers may not have been the best move.

But between each round, when the bell would ring, an idea came to me which I quickly wrote down. 

And then another. 

And another.

I woke up this morning and reviewed the results. Some of the ideas are downright ridiculous.

Some of them might have merit but I won't know until I turn them into an actual thing. Until I add the missing ingredient.

I don't know much, but I do know that I'm bringing my muthaf'ing AXE to work today! Got me some tree chopping to do.

Tim N. Tierney

Founder, TNT Pro Series

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