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Waist Trimmer Belt
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Kick your workout up a notch with the TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer belt. Use this heat generating belt to increases your core temperature during exercise and force your body to work harder to cool itself down. This increase in thermogenic activity will make you sweat like crazy! Made with a premium neoprene inner grid for superior heat insulation and extra wide design for maximum coverage. Use TNT Pro Ignite workout enhancing cream along with your waist trimmer belt during exercise and you will be amazed how much more sweat you will achieve than using the belt alone!

  • Increases heat generation and sweat when used while exercising

  • Made from latex free neoprene and an extra wide design for full coverage
  • Naturally flexible to adjust to your size & shape allowing for a full range of motion
  • Contains a non-slip interior grid that repels moisture absorption and bacteria build up
  • Available in 6 sizes to ensure a fit for every body and a 30 day money back guarantee


  • X-Small: 32" length x 8" width             Fits stomachs up to 32" 
  • Small: 34" length x 9" width                 Fits stomachs up to 34"
  • Medium: 44" length x 9" width             Fits stomachs up to 44"
  • Large: 51" length x 10" width                 Fits stomachs up to 51"
  • X-large: 60" length x 10" width             Fits stomachs up to 60"
  • XX-large: 65" length x 10.5" width          Fits stomachs up to 65"

*Measure stomach around belly button for best fit of the Waist trimmer belt.

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Shipping Information

  • Free Standard Shipping for all USA Orders!
  • Most US based orders are shipped directly from our warehouse within 24 hrs for your convenience and maximum efficiency
  • Your product will arrive within 3 to 6 Business Days
  • All International (Non-US) orders incur a $49 shipping charge which are shipped via standard US Mail and may take 2-3 weeks to arrive
  • You may return a product and receive a refund for the full purchase price of what you paid, for any reason. 

Everyone that uses our products, come back & tells us how much they love them, and asks what else we have to offer.  We must be doing something right!  We’re constantly inventing new products, and improving upon our current one’s, never accepting anything less than the best.

The bottom line is we love our customers, and our customers love our products!

A Few Of The Reasons You Should Buy From Us:

  • Our fulfillment center is located in the Midwest, so where ever you’re located in the USA, you’ll receive your order quickly.
  • Secure Ordering available
  • Lowest pricing available online
  • Brand new, cutting edge products
  • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support
  • Tons of satisfied customers
  • 100% Satisfaction Money back guarantee.
  • All items in stock & ready to ship

Watch This Short Video and Discover Why You Should Buy From Us!

Question: How does the waist trimmer work?
Answer: The belt works by increasing the wearer’s body temperature which helps to increase the metabolism allowing the body to burn more calories in less time. Think of the metabolism as a camp fire. As the fire grows in size and becomes hotter, the rate at which the metabolism can burn calories also increases.

Question: Can I use with a sweat cream?
Answer: Yes! We urge you to try our new product; TNT Pro Ignite Sweat Cream. They are a perfect pair!

Question: Which size should I order?
Answer: We recommend measuring your stomach at the belly button to get an accurate measurement. If your waist size is 36 for example, but your stomach sticks out a little further then you’ll want to account for the extra room since the belt is designed to cover the stomach area.

Question: What type of material are used in the slimmers?
Answer: The interior of the belt uses a special heat generating Neoprene rubber, which is best known for its ability to keep the body warm. This helps trap body heat which in turn increases core body temperature.

Question: Should I wear it directly on the skin or over a shirt?
Answer: You can do both! Just be prepared for a very sweaty shirt if wearing over clothes!

Question: How do you clean it?
Answer: We suggest wiping down the interior grid with a paper towel after each use. You can also wet the towel with soapy water to give it a more thorough cleaning. It is not recommended to put the belt in the washer or dryer.

Question: Will this really help me lose belly fat?
Answer: Yes! Wearing it while exercising will help you sweat more in your midsection which increases the production of the metabolism, but a healthy diet will also be key to you achieving your desired results.

Question: What if I am unhappy with my purchase?
Answer: All products come with a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can also register your product to sign up for a 1 year protection plan to cover any accidental damages that may occur.