TNT Gift Bundle

Looking for ways to boost your work without having to carry a huge bag to the gym? Well TNT Pro Series has put together the perfect bundle for you! It includes our famous heat generating waist trimmer to help kick your workout up a notch. We even added our sweat cream that goes perfectly with our waist trimmer to help you get your sweat on! Finally, we included our stylish drawstring bag to fit all of your necessities to the gym without the hassle of carrying a big gym bag.

1. Waist Trimmer

       - Use this heat generating belt to increases your core temperature during exercise and force your body to work harder to cool itself down. This increase in thermogenic activity will make you sweat like crazy! Made with a premium neoprene inner grid for superior heat insulation and extra wide design for maximum coverage. (The belt color you choose will be the same color on your drawstring bag - Yellow belt, yellow writing on bag.)
2. Sweat Cream
       - The ideal training aid for the serious athlete and anyone looking to sweat away the pounds using a colorless, non-staining advanced workout enhancer specially formulated to open pores, improve circulation, and produce more sweat during exercise.

3. Drawstring Bag

       - This stylish TNT drawstring bag is designed for most indoor and outdoor sports activities. Unisex and fit for workout, jogging, yoga, swimming, camping, hiking, training and school PE lesson! Multi-functional, comfortable and easy to use.

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