TNT Pro Series Ankle Weights - Set of Two (2lb, 4lb, or 6lb)

  • BURN MORE CALORIES - Whether you are looking to lose weight or simply burn more calories, adding ankle weights to your routine will help. When you put the ankle weights on, you are adding more weight, which requires you to use more force during exercises. The more force you apply, the more calories you’ll burn.
  • INCREASE YOUR HEART RATE - Adding weights to your aerobic exercise will cause your intensity and energy expenditure to go up which will help you reach and maintain your targeted heart rate faster than without weights.
  • IMPROVE YOUR ENDURANCE - As you use the ankle weights, you’ll use more force than normal when exercising. Over time, this will build up your endurance. Try taking the ankle weights off after a few weeks have passed and see how much longer you can work out???
  • ADDED RESISTANCE - When performing exercises like leg lifts, you’ll get more of a workout when you add resistance. Ankle weights offer more variety than using body weight or resistance bands. The weights provide resistance, causing you to have to exert more energy to lift your legs!
  • IMPROVE YOUR LEG STRENGTH - Building leg strength is not only good for your overall health, but is useful for going on hiking trips, competing in bike marathons, and running cross country. Adding ankle weights makes the muscles in your legs work harder, which causes to grow and strengthen.

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